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image Gas Can and Lawn Mower a liquid fuel powered tool

Liquid Fuel Powered Tool Safety

Liquid fuel-powered tools are usually operated with gasoline, examples of such tools would be chain saws, lawn mowers, concrete saws, and brush cutters.

When used properly and according to the manufacturers instructions these types of tools are very dependable and quite safe. Like any other kind of tool if used improperly there can be some hazards involved, some serious.

The most serious hazard associated with the use of fuel-powered tools comes from fuel vapors that can burn or explode and also give off dangerous exhaust fumes.

You must be careful to handle, transport, and store gas or fuel only in approved flammable liquid containers, according to proper procedures for flammable liquids.

Before refilling a fuel-powered tool tank, the user must shut down the engine and allow it to cool to prevent accidental ignition of hazardous vapors.

When a fuel-powered tool is used inside a closed area, effective ventilation and/or proper respirators such as atmosphere-supplying respirators must be utilized to avoid breathing carbon monoxide. Fire extinguishers must also be available in the area.

More Specific Safety Rules/Information:

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