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image Micrometer


What is a micrometer?
A micrometer is a precision measuring device commonly used in machine shops and other precision manufacturing type businesses. Micrometers can also be used by any home craftsman or hobbyist who wants or needs to measure objects precisely.

The micrometer shown above is called an outside micrometer. This tool is used to measure the outside dimensions of objects such as blocks, spheres, rods and plates. Micrometers are also used for accurately measuring the thickness of wire and sheetmetal. A micrometer can easily and accurately measure to within one thousandth of an inch (.001) or better.

Did you know? A micrometer is often simply called a "mic" (pronounced like the name "Mike").

Micrometers are available in different sizes, the most common size is 0"-1", which means it will measure anything up to 1 inch in size. Other micrometer sizes include 1"-2", 2"-3", 3"-4", 4"-5", 5"-6". The largest outside micrometer I've personally heard of is a 24 inch model, however larger micrometers may be available.

To use a micrometer properly takes a little bit of practice and some degree of skill. To get an accurate reading the micrometer should be calibrated, cleaned and maintained properly and used by a person who is skilled enough to operate and read it correctly. Whatever is being measured needs to be clean also otherwise the reading will be in error. In the wrong hands a micrometer can give useless information.

Micrometers range in price depending on the quality and size of the micrometer you buy. Overall micrometers are reasonably priced and are a really handy tool to have around whether you work in a machine shop or just tinker around in your own garage/shop.

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