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Wear safety glasses

General Safety Information

The first thing I would like to say is never sacrifice your own safety just because you or someone else is in a rush to get a job done, take your time and do it safely!

Always keep your work area clean and un-cluttered, messy work areas invite trouble. Keep your air hoses and extension cords up off the floor when not being used to prevent a tripping hazard. Cordless tools are a great alternative to AC powered drills and saws.

Know how to use your tools. Most tools and equipment come with an instruction manual, read and understand the instruction/owners manual before attempting to use the equipment.

Keep your tools clean and in good working order, if your tool is not safe get it repaired or buy a new one, it is well worth the cost!

Get help when lifting heavy or awkward items. By using a jack, hoist, load leveler, or getting help from your buddy you may be able to prevent an injury from happening.

Use the right tool for the job. Never try to make due with a lesser tool when you know you need more. Stress and strain on tools and machinery can cause breakage and lead to injury.

Always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. Eye Protection is a must if there is any chance of something getting in your eyes. Goggles, glasses, and face shields are cheap, use them.

Hearing protection is advisable if you are in the presence of noisy equipment such as routers, saws, hammering devices and such. Usually hearing loss isn't noticed until it is too late.

Use a dust mask or respirator as needed for your situation. Todays materials often contain fumes or chemicals which can cause serious respiratory and other problems if inhaled.

Gloves can protect against things such as cuts and burns as well as provide protection against chemicals, use the proper gloves for the occasion.

Keep long hair and loose clothing away from any type of rotating tools or machinery such as a drill press, grinder, or lathe and you should remove your jewelry while working on your projects also.

Tools are great time savers and can provide years of enjoyment and satisfaction, and if used properly they are safe. Take care of your tools, take your time, and take care of yourself.

More Specific Safety Rules/Information:

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