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What is This?

Here's a bit of trivia for you. Below is a picture of an item, most likely some sort of tool. This could be ancient, it could be modern, it could be used only by a tribe of three-legged beaver worshipers in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, who knows?
Do you know what it's called and what it's used for? Any idea at all?

What is This?

Take a good look at the picture above and email me if you know what it is or think you have an idea of what it might be. Go ahead, take a wild guess if you need to. I'll post the right answer along with some of your more interesting responses right here on the site after I get enough replies.

Like everything else in life, the questions are easy when you already know the answers. Sometimes when you don't know the answers you are just left scratching your head and wondering.

Email me at the address below to send in your answer. By the way, Thanks for playing!

Regards, David

email me dave at the tool hut dot com

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