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Useful Links

Here are some links that I believe you may find helpful and/or enjoyable.


Auto Related


  • Field&Stream
    Field&Stream online magazine- good fishing and hunting articles.
  • Outdoor Life
    Magazine covers hunting, fishing, shooting, and adventure.
  • Anglers Hideaway
    Popular RV Park in Sekiu, WA. the place to go for salmon fishing.

Food and Drink


  • JungleShop: Online Shopping
    Offering online comparison shopping for yu gi oh cards, baby shower games, remote control cars, portable dvd players, electric razors, outdoor patio furniture, natural gas grills, kitchenaid mixers, childrens bedroom furniture, more.

Other Links

  • Professional Plating
    specializes in precious and semi-precious metal electroplating such as gold, nickel and silver plating. www.proplate.com
  • BackPainSucks.com
    Tips, techniques, and opinions on reducing back pain and how to prevent it in the future. This website is definitely worth a visit if you have back pain.
  • KoiKeepers.com
    New website for the koi enthusiast. Information on koi varieties, koi keeping, and even what kind of snacks to feed your koi fish.
  • Beobe.net - Music
    Check out the latest songs by Beobe
  • MPHSclassof2008.com
    Information for Students and Parents of Marysville-Pilchuck High School Class of 2008.

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